2023 – DEI Movie night

To recognize Black History Month, sisters came together to watch Hidden Figures, a film focused on African-American women and their contributions to the US Space Program.

Sisters had the opportunity to share their thoughts and big takeaways from the film. Sister Isabella shared, “the women supported each other and helped each other in the struggle, if you push for/ really want something you will achieve it no matter the obstacles, and it takes courage and resilience being a woman of color in the 60s in order to be taken seriously.”

Another sister shared, a few things I learned from this movie was the effect of the Jim Crow laws on black Americans lives and how it made them feel like they weren’t even real humans. I learned how important it is that we treat everyone equally and not make assumptions or stereotype people based on how they look or their skin color. I also loved how this movie focused heavily on women’s rights and how women are just as capable as men to achieve all their goals! This was a really cool and impactful movie to watch.”

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