2023 – Best Buddies Friendship Walk

We have written about Best Buddies on the blog before, Best Buddies is an international non-profit organization that focuses on forming friendships with people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as providing opportunities for leadership and jobs. Here at FSU, the organization fosters a positive environment based first and foremost on inclusion. Each month, our members participate in fun and exciting events, such as our Field Day, Talent Show, Holiday party and much more! Additionally, we host a Gala in the fall and a Friendship Walk in the spring. This is a fantastic organization to join if you are looking to meet awesome people and create life-long friendships. We are blessed as chapter to have members involved at various levels. Member Carly S, serves as Chapter President, Karsyn F, as Greek Relations Coordinator and member Megan G serves as Alpha Chi Omega’s delegate. We have sisters who are involved as buddies, event coordinators and general members!!!

This spring, Best Buddies held their annual friendship walk. The event was held at the campus intramural fields. The day had a walk, games, food and of course FUN!

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