Beta Eta Featured on Alpha Chi Omega’s National Website!

We were so pleased to see Linda Wisner Sanford featured in the first of a monthly series spotlighting Alpha Chi Omega volunteers! From Our Team > VolunteersVolunteer SpotlightEach month we will feature four alumnae who give their time and talent to Alpha Chi Omega: two Fraternity volunteers (one alumnae and one collegiate), one Foundation volunteerContinue reading “Beta Eta Featured on Alpha Chi Omega’s National Website!”

Alumnae Panhellenic Scholarship Luncheon

   Collegiate members of the Beta Eta Chapter joined members of the local Epsilon Tau Epsilon alumane chapter to attend the annual Alumnae Panhellenic Scholarship Luncheon. This years luncheon was held at the Delta Delta Delta chapter house (it rotates through collegiate chapters at FSU), last year was held at our beloved 518. The eventContinue reading “Alumnae Panhellenic Scholarship Luncheon”

Please Support a Beta Eta’s Hollywood Dreams!

We hope you’ll join us in supporting Alpha Chi Omega Florida State University alumna Joanna Q in her quest to launch a sitcom pilot! Please take a minute to read her note below, visit her website, make a donation if you are able, and most importantly SPREAD THE WORD! The more “buzz” we can create,Continue reading “Please Support a Beta Eta’s Hollywood Dreams!”

Please vote for a Beta Eta and help her win!!

Catherine Roscart (BH ’04) made a video that has a chance to be on the home page of She would love your vote. She is in fact, really funny and wrote lots of skits for Beta Eta. She lives in L.A. Just become a fan of the group on facebook then vote for her sketchContinue reading “Please vote for a Beta Eta and help her win!!”

Dance Marathon 2010

Many congratulations to ΑΧΩ-BH at FSU and their fraternity pairing ΠΚΑ, for saving children’s lives during Dance Marathon. The school raised $450,507.54. The pairing was #1 in fundraising (for the 5th year in a row) raising over $31,000. They also won:Most Spirited OrganizationsMost Spirited Individual DancersMost Older DancersThey won a free social andThey placed THIRDContinue reading “Dance Marathon 2010”

Beta Eta Collegian on FSU Blackboard…

We’re so proud of FSU Alpha Chi Omega senior, Cheyenne Overby, who is featured on the Florida State University website! See the full profile by clicking here As a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, she served as  the 2008 VP of Education, and was recognized for chapter awards such as Devotion Award andContinue reading “Beta Eta Collegian on FSU Blackboard…”

Welcome home….

Welcome to the Axo Florida State University Blog!!! We look forward to creating a blog site where collegians, alumnae, parents and fellow Alpha Chi’s from across the nation can come to connect. This blog will be updated in partnership by alumnae/members of the Beta Eta Virtual Alumnae Chapter, and current collegiate members of the chapter.Continue reading “Welcome home….”