Brother of Hermes in the Royal Order of the Red Carnation

Congratulations to the new Brother of Hermes in the Royal Order of the Red Carnation  from left to right, Marc Harris, Christopher Riley, Ben Gauntlett, and Christian Nacke on joining those Gentlemen that have gone before them (the book has signatures back to the early 70’s) and participating in the Brother of Hermes Ceremony. AndContinue reading “Brother of Hermes in the Royal Order of the Red Carnation”

Beta Eta’s in the local paper!

It is always fun to see sisters in the news. Click here to see the article featuring the Beta Eta sisters in local newspaper! From left, Diana Davenport, Nicole Chimura and Lindsey Davidson collect money on Sunday as sorority and fraternity members from FSU gather donations for Dance Marathon, a student-run philanthropy for the Children’sContinue reading “Beta Eta’s in the local paper!”

Beta Eta & Gamma Iota Joint Executive Board Retreat

This weekend the ladies of the Beta Eta and Gamma Iota chapter traveled to St. George Island Florida for a weekend of sisterhood, education, and leadership!! This is the first year that a joint retreat has been held, and thus far it has been a success! Members of Beta Eta’s advisory board planned the retreat,Continue reading “Beta Eta & Gamma Iota Joint Executive Board Retreat”