Fraternity Hazing  is a great website, that works to educate readers to stop hazing, not just in fraternities, but in all realms of life. Below is a blurb from their landing page. We encourage all collegians and alumnae to check out the website, and sign the petition to stop hazing!!! When most people hear the termContinue reading “Fraternity Hazing”

BH & ΞΩΞ Support National Hazing Prevention week

 National Hazing Prevention Week: September 20-24 National Hazing Prevention week is a great way to educate parents, faculty and staff, students, community members, chapter members and others so they can more easily recognize hazing. The goal of the week and continued efforts is to prevent hazing from happening. Hazing will only be eliminated through education,Continue reading “BH & ΞΩΞ Support National Hazing Prevention week”

Will the real MVP please stand up

The below article was initially posted Rise Partnerships Blog it addresses hazing in a different light.. Two weeks ago, Dallas Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant refused to carry pads for veteran teammate Roy Williams, and then later changed his tune.  More recently, Tim Tebow accepted a ridiculous haircut in order to gain the respect of his teammates. Continue reading “Will the real MVP please stand up”