Please vote for a Beta Eta and help her win!!

Catherine Roscart (BH ’04) made a video that has a chance to be on the home page of She would love your vote. She is in fact, really funny and wrote lots of skits for Beta Eta. She lives in L.A.

Just become a fan of the group on facebook then vote for her sketch “Single Awareness Day PSA” This will help her out so much in her career. And her grandlittle Maggie H (who wrote this post) thanks You!

Funnyordie facebook page ( and vote on the best video for this week

2 thoughts on “Please vote for a Beta Eta and help her win!!

  1. Catherine said, \”We won! Thank you sooo much for your support! I really appreciate it! Ill let you know when its on the main page :)\”WAY TO GO GIRL!


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