Please Support a Beta Eta’s Hollywood Dreams!

We hope you’ll join us in supporting Alpha Chi Omega Florida State University alumna Joanna Q in her quest to launch a sitcom pilot! Please take a minute to read her note below, visit her website, make a donation if you are able, and most importantly SPREAD THE WORD! The more “buzz” we can create, the better the chances are of the project moving forward!! Thank you!!

As many of you know, I spent several months last spring/summer writing a tv pilot with my writing partner, Nathan Gotsch, based on some spoof campaign ads he made in 2006 that wound up on MSNBC and “endorsed” by Keith Olbermann. (For the full story and to see the ads, go here.) We’re in the process of turning our script into a real live tv show and are going to shoot it in two weeks.

That’s where you, my amazing friends and family, come in. We’ve been fortunate to get a lot of greatly reduced and free man-power thanks to our friends and contacts out here (both professionally and through Nathan’s years in film school at USC) , but still need help to turn it into a reality. I’m not asking for money (though if you can donate, that’s fantastic) — but I am asking you to help spread the word. Please go to the site, check our out our pilot, and if you like what you see and want to help us succeed, pass it along to other people you know — in the real world and on the internet.

And now: a few links to help you in the right direction:

The official website:
And our Kickstarter page.

Thanks in advance for all of your help, and thank you for all of your love and support – without it, I wouldn’t be out here pursuing my dream and getting to do what I love.

Joanna’s “day-job” is writing for The Ellen Show. Check out some of her work here:

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