Collegiate Homecoming Update

Last week was a CRAZY busy week for the collegiate chapter, full of homecoming festivities… The week began with WarChant, the Chilli Cook off (the chapter placed 3rd) and a concert by Ludacris. On Monday, members participated in a blood drive, and Spear-it night. Tuesday, the chapter participated in skit night with their pairing Phi Delta Theta. Wednesday was the Seminole Festival and Garnet and Gold Gala (attended by some members). Thursday, members participated in Renegade recess. Friday, members enjoyed a half day of classes, the homecoming parade and Pow-Wow.

Pictures will be added soon… so be sure to check back

Saturday, the chapter attended the tailgate with their pairing Phi Delta Theta, and of course the Football game.

Sunday, the chapter welcomed alumnae home for a brunch and then enjoyed some downtime before Chapter, and slating for elections!!!

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