Alumnae Spotlight: Joanna Quraishi


Joanna was initiated into Beta Eta in the fall of 2003 . During her time as a Beta Eta, she served as Philanthropy Chair, VP Membership Development, participated in Dance Marathon, and wrote the skit for Alpha Chi Omega’s recruitment with AXO sister Sarah Howell. She was also a member of the Honors college and Order of Omega. Joanna graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2007 with a BA in English (Creative Writing) and a minor in Psychology. Joanna is one of several Beta Etas in her family. Her stepmom, Lisa Brock, was a Beta Eta in the late 70s, and her younger sister, Cheyenne Overby, was a new member in the fall of 2006.

After graduation, Joanna moved to Los Angeles, where she’d interned the previous summer for Jimmy Kimmel Live (and lived with sorority sister and friend Erin Price, NM 01). She took a job on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in June 2007 and worked there for three years as a writers’ assistant until the summer of 2010 when she left to pursue a career in scripted television. She can be seen in reruns of the Ellen DeGeneres Show doing various silly things from demonstrating the Shake Weight to giving George Lopez a massage. Joanna currently lives in Los Angeles with sorority sister (NM ’04) Brittany Canasi.
Most recently, Joanna entered a contest to win a job as a vitamin company’s Good Mood Blogger. She’s remained consistently in the Top 20, and if chosen, will be Nature-Made Sam-E Complete’s Good Mood Blogger for 6 months. The competition is vote-based, and today is the final day to vote for round 1. Please support a fellow Beta Eta by clicking this link and voting for Joanna: click here

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