Happy 1st Founders’ Day, Xi Omega Xi!

Please join me in celebrating the 1st Founders’ Day for our Virtual Alumnae Chapter, Xi Omega Xi by making our Founders’ Day logo your Facebook Profile picture!!! 🙂

As many of you know, Xi Omega Xi is a virtual alumnae chapter of Alpha Chi Omega for Beta Eta women. With the advances in technology, we are now capable to reunite all Alpha Chi Omega women from Florida State University regardless of current location. Unlike your local Alpha Chi Omega alum chapters, we all share similar past experiences: we were all initiated in 518 West Park Avenue; we all have Seminole pride and bleed garnet and gold; we have an emotional connection to the beautiful campus that we called home for our college experiences. We stay connected to the current collegiate chapter of Beta Eta for communications of their successes and fun.

The Xi Omega Xi Virtual Alumnae Chapter began as a thought and dream of several Beta Eta Alumnae during the planning of the chapters’ 80th anniversary during April 2009. The thought was that not only Beta Eta’s are some of the most active alumnae in the nation; they are some of the most loyal to Florida State University; their home chapter of Beta Eta. Alumnae travel to Tallahassee for events such a Homecoming, the chapter’s annual charity golf tournament Par-Tee, and reunions. However, during the remainder of the year, they are virtually left “in the dark” about the happenings of the collegiate chapter and fellow alumnae.

After speaking with Amy Zoldak, and members of the first virtual alumnae chapter, Mu Tau Mu, we knew that a virtual chapter was the right decision. We rallied the alumnae during the 80th, filed, and were officially installed July 11th, 2010 at Alpha Chi Omega Convention in Washington DC. You can read original blog post for more details on installation here.

Our Founding Members are: Jessica Beers, Joy Piatek Behan, Margaret Bennett, Jessica Harwood Bouwsma, Dana Brookes, Mitzi Brown, Monica Cepero, Kristina Clarke de Moya, Diane Cutler, Celia Seleya Dubey, Britain Dwyre, Jan Faulkner, Catherine Fly, Sylvia Foster, Patty Garrard, Heather Goodman, Katie Halliday, Brittany Horwitt, Janis K Polk Kennedy, Katy MacDiarmid Leach, Ann Marshall, Nadean McLaughlin, Melissa Palori, Allison Parker, Erin Pauley, Michele M Perry, Aimee Phipps, Tara Reynolds, Stephanie Roy, Linda Stanford, Beth Schmidt, Kristen Snyder, Aggie Steiner, Claudia Thomas, Carolyn C Thorton, Aileen Warshaw Thurber, Susan Wilcox, Bonnie Wilson and Lynn Wittenburg.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Xi Omega Xi as we embark on our second exciting year, please click here.

Thank you for your continued support of our Beta Eta and Xi Omega Xi chapters.

Jessica Bouwsma
Xi Omega Xi Virtual Alumnae Chapter
Alpha Chi Omega

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