What Alpha Chi Means to Me

As mentioned before, I have the privilege of interning this summer in Connecticut with ESPN Inc. I have been here in New England for nearly five weeks, and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life. There is one very important group however, that has provided me with the means to succeed even further than I anticipated. Alpha Chi Omega has instilled many valuable traits in me, that I don’t think many realize until they are truly in the work force. Leaving home, though just several hours away from Tallahassee, and arriving to college would not have been the same without my sisters being there for me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The constant sleepovers with sisters, the glorious food at the house, the endless daily chatter, and the amazing nights together are just a few of the easy-to-see perks of being in such great company, such as Alpha Chi. The one thing that might not be as easy to see however, is the work ethic, determination, optimistic thinking, and self-confidence our sorority inspires us to belief in ourselves. I truly believe I would have not been as successful if it were not for my sisters and the bond of Alpha Chi Omega. Everyday, I realize what an impact this sorority has made on my life, just via the simple tasks of creating an extremely long excel spreadsheet that dates back to 1979. That even though, sometimes I want to throw my computer against the wall and give up, I take a deep breath and remember what Alpha Chi has taught me….

P A T I E N C E 🙂
I cannot wait to be back in Tallahassee to see all of my beautiful sisters, as well as the wonderful alumnae! I thank Alpha Chi Omega for focusing their sisterhood on love, kindness, academic success, determination, patience, and virtue, because it has helped me throughout my entire internship. If you have Alpha Chi in your mind, and in heart……. the possibilities are endless.
Julianna Corso
Fall 2011 Blog Chair
Current Intern for ESPN 

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