by Kerstein “KP” Perez (Iota Phi Chapter) “Words get in the way.” I’ve caught that line in different songs by artists ranging from Jewel, to Trace Adkins to Gloria Estefan. I even remember it in an episode of “Gossip Girl.” I’m sure I’ve seen it in a book. You’re wondering how this lyric, quote, or saying relates to ritual. Well, sometimes words do get in the way – especially the wrong words! Let’s focus on making sure we’re using proper terminology so the incorrect words don’t get in the way of progress. It’s important that we’re in the know so we can support and correct the conversation, especially since many collegiate chapters are in the midst of recruitment season.

Here’s a handy chart to help remember which words pave the way (right) and which words get in the way (left).

Pledge                               New Member

Pledge Class                                  Member Class or MC

Rush                                 Recruitment

First Degree of Initiation                   New Member Ceremony

Second Degree of Initiation      Initiation Ceremony

New Member Stick Pin          New Member Pin

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