With Love & Loyalty – Spring 2023 Initiation

We never get tired of hearing, seeing, and experiencing our Ritual (but we do sort of get tired of moving furniture – gotta be honest, since that is an Alpha Chi value!) What a special time to see our new members receive their Symphony, Lavaliere, and Dream Cake at the Inspiration, Lavaliere, and Dream CakeContinue reading “With Love & Loyalty – Spring 2023 Initiation”

Noles win the Cheez-It Bowl

Colleen and Bella, both from MC20, worked and played as they helped the Nole’s Football team have a Happy New Year with a win in the Cheez-It Bowl against Oklahoma (35-32). Loving our sisters involvement! Colleen hustles as a member of the football team’s equipment managers and Bella is a team photographer!

Invite Your Local Alumnae to Lunch!

We celebrated our local alumnae with avocado toast day at lunch. It was so much fun to meet (L-R, Madison (Beta Eta), Alanna (Zeta Lambda), Katie (Gamma Iota), Britain (Beta Eta), Kellie (Beta Eta), Jenn (Theta Lambda), and Sam (Gamma Iota). We can’t wait to extend the invitation to Epsilon Tau Epsilon (Tallahassee-Thomasville area) againContinue reading “Invite Your Local Alumnae to Lunch!”

FSU & Alpha Chi Skills Applied to Resumes

Thank you to our House Director and soon to be Dr. Brittany Devies, PhD for sharing her Career Center and Higher Ed expertise, encouragement, time, and enthusiasm to motivate sisters and bolster them to Seek the Heights by sharing their accomplishments. She makes herself available to assist sisters with resume reviews, practicing interview skills, andContinue reading “FSU & Alpha Chi Skills Applied to Resumes”

Alpha Chi and Refuge House: Supporting #DVAM

Thank you Sisters (we had freshman to senior volunteers!) for your perkiness, warm smiles, devotion to Refuge House, humor and friendly Alpha Chi smiles in assisting Refuge House with their annual golf tournament. These are the 7:00 a.m. shift gals! and on a Monday morning no less! Adore them!

Challenge Yourself to “See & Appreciate All that is Noble in Another”

We are so fortunate to have a VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion who shares a weekly “challenge to foster inclusion” suggestion with us. Thanks Natasha and your committee! You remind Alpha Chi sisters we should always be Seeking the Heights to be the best Real.Strong.Women. – looking forward to more inspiration this Fall.

Sports Communications, Marketing & Management

Our sisters work so hard, and they get rewarded! The best combination in life is qork with a side of fun! This is Sammi (freshman, also Alpha Chi legacy from UMD), Alexis (senior, writer for Osceola News-Gazette), Meredith (sophomore, VP FO), and also attending Kennedy (senior, president of Sport Management Student Association). They are workingContinue reading “Sports Communications, Marketing & Management”