With Love & Loyalty – Spring 2023 Initiation

We never get tired of hearing, seeing, and experiencing our Ritual (but we do sort of get tired of moving furniture – gotta be honest, since that is an Alpha Chi value!) What a special time to see our new members receive their Symphony, Lavaliere, and Dream Cake at the Inspiration, Lavaliere, and Dream CakeContinue reading “With Love & Loyalty – Spring 2023 Initiation”

Welcome Spring 21 New Members Real.Strong.Women

Thanks to the diligence of the NME 2021 committee (Lila, Bri, Alex, Lucy, Amelia, Morgan, Zoe), the newest members of Beta Eta are loving, learning and leading. Meetings include Mystagogue Reveals (with snacks, so the duos can chat as the snack); Mystagogue sursies*; and The Heights (Dedication). The new members review 4-5 The Heights modulesContinue reading “Welcome Spring 21 New Members Real.Strong.Women”

2016 National Alpha Chi Omega Convention

The 2016 National Alpha Chi Omega Convention was held in Orlando, FL this year with the theme Sunshine & Sisterhood. The Beta Eta Chapter being in Florida was fortunate enough to send multiple advisors and executive board members.  “I, Gianna Traylor, VP of Chapter Relations and Standards attended as the chapter voting delegate. Vice PresidentContinue reading “2016 National Alpha Chi Omega Convention”