Welcome Spring 21 New Members Real.Strong.Women

Thanks to the diligence of the NME 2021 committee (Lila, Bri, Alex, Lucy, Amelia, Morgan, Zoe), the newest members of Beta Eta are loving, learning and leading.

Meetings include Mystagogue Reveals (with snacks, so the duos can chat as the snack); Mystagogue sursies*; and The Heights (Dedication). The new members review 4-5 The Heights modules they completed the previous week; meet more initiated sisters theough Reveals; and get dedicated time with each Exec Board member who are invited speakers!

After their condensed six week new member period (shortened because they got to enjoy an intense amount of time together and were easily incorporated by their small numbers into other chapter activities) our newest sisters will be considered part of the fall MC20 class and will bond with them for recruitment and the future. We find this really adds to the connections sisters make and help to keep them feeling connected to the larger chapter. ❤️💚

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