With Love & Loyalty – Spring 2023 Initiation

We never get tired of hearing, seeing, and experiencing our Ritual (but we do sort of get tired of moving furniture – gotta be honest, since that is an Alpha Chi value!) What a special time to see our new members receive their Symphony, Lavaliere, and Dream Cake at the Inspiration, Lavaliere, and Dream CakeContinue reading “With Love & Loyalty – Spring 2023 Initiation”

Initiation MC S21

We had so much fun initiating Caroline, Jensen, Kacie, and Kailyn! They are all super friendly and have been quick to join all our activities and embrace all Alpha Chi has to offer. It is always special to share our ritual through Initiation, and especially nice when it is a small MC. CONGRATULATIONS to themContinue reading “Initiation MC S21”

Livin’ Lovin’ Learnin’ with MC22

Lila, VP-NME; AlexM and BriM, Asst NP-NME; Lucy, Mystagogue Coordinator; Amelia, Scarlet Chair; Morgan Olive Chair; and ZoeM Creative Bid Day Chair were always spicing things up for the new members – they set the bar “to the heights”. Lila kept everyone task and ENERGIZED with her facilitation and guidance skills. They always started withContinue reading “Livin’ Lovin’ Learnin’ with MC22”

NME Time is Always!

Lila and committee focused on activities to meld the Fall 20 and Spring 21 new members. One that was loud, fun and helped them learn more about each other was Game Night. As mentioned previously, this committee always showed up, gave 120%, and loved being together which showed to their younger sisters. They had threeContinue reading “NME Time is Always!”


What makes us sisters? Our shared ritual, values and experiences. Our New Member Education committee (Lila, Bri, Alex, Lucy, Zoe, Amelia, Morgan) and Ritual and Fraternity Appreciation committee (Leanne, Alexa, Emma, Morgan, Sydnie, Lauren) really showed up this week and we are proud of them! The NME committee planned Fireside, painting and songs on SundayContinue reading “Initiation!”

Our Lyre Legacy

The NME committee set their minds to make the week of Initiation special for the Spring new members and have fun and connect within the committee. The super team of seven enjoyed baking cookies (and getting to know each other better) for the member class to enjoy at … CANVAS Paint Night! That’s right. TheContinue reading “Our Lyre Legacy”

Spring MC ’21 Big Little Reveal

Such an exciting day for Spring MC ’21!!! Big little reveal! Enjoy some amazing photos from the reveal. VP New Member Education Lila and her committee planned a great reveal at the chapter house. MC ’21 Spring members gathered inside and were greeted by their big sister when they opened the door! You can almostContinue reading “Spring MC ’21 Big Little Reveal”

Welcome Spring 21 New Members Real.Strong.Women

Thanks to the diligence of the NME 2021 committee (Lila, Bri, Alex, Lucy, Amelia, Morgan, Zoe), the newest members of Beta Eta are loving, learning and leading. Meetings include Mystagogue Reveals (with snacks, so the duos can chat as the snack); Mystagogue sursies*; and The Heights (Dedication). The new members review 4-5 The Heights modulesContinue reading “Welcome Spring 21 New Members Real.Strong.Women”