Mocktails & Movies

Great job by MC22 sisters Kaela and Isa on the Risk Management Committee for their creativity and motivation. And thanks Ryleigh for encouraging your committee and sisters to explore all the aspects of risk management for the chapter: “Responsible Fun”, Crisis Management, Mental Health, Anti-Hazing, “How to Assess Risk”, Helping Sisters & Friends in Need,Continue reading “Mocktails & Movies”

Using Emotional Intelligence to inspire our Word of the Year (MyJourney)

What is Emotional Intelligence? (frm In My Feelings – thanks Alpha Chi Headquarters!) Emotionally intelligent people are self-aware. They have a realistic appreciation of their strengths and weaknesses and how they come across to others. When we have high levels of emotional intelligence, we’re able to build strong working relationships and manage difficult situations moreContinue reading “Using Emotional Intelligence to inspire our Word of the Year (MyJourney)”

NME Time is Always!

Lila and committee focused on activities to meld the Fall 20 and Spring 21 new members. One that was loud, fun and helped them learn more about each other was Game Night. As mentioned previously, this committee always showed up, gave 120%, and loved being together which showed to their younger sisters. They had threeContinue reading “NME Time is Always!”

Art Walk – Local Fun to Celebrate Sisters & Art

VP Ritual and Fraternity Appreciation Leanne Bell planned an Art Walk to celebrate Sisterhood and MacDowell Month (our fine arts founding). Beta Eta is lucky to have a deeper connection as well because our local alumna Amanda advocates for The Arts and works for the Council for Cultural Arts (COCA) and our young alumna Gabi.Continue reading “Art Walk – Local Fun to Celebrate Sisters & Art”

InTune (part of the RSW Experience)

“With the Real. Strong. Women. Experience, [Alpha Chi Omega] promise[s] to help [members] along [their] journey of becoming the best version of [theirself]. Through the programs we offer and the community built within [each] chapter, you’ll discover what wisdom, devotion and achievement mean to you and how you can have an impact on our Fraternity andContinue reading “InTune (part of the RSW Experience)”