MyJourney – Finances Schminances

Thank you Vice President of Finance NicoleF and Assistants BrookeE and AllyS for helping our MyJourney facilitators (GraceW, AnnaL, HaileyH, SophieS, MaddieW, PettonB, EmilyM, HayleyP, and Leah of course as VP MP) navigate this useful MyJourney about budgeting and “What Do YOU Value” exercise. (Want to evaluate what you value? Open your Venmo/PayPal/Zelle App andContinue reading “MyJourney – Finances Schminances”

Using Emotional Intelligence to inspire our Word of the Year (MyJourney)

What is Emotional Intelligence? (frm In My Feelings – thanks Alpha Chi Headquarters!) Emotionally intelligent people are self-aware. They have a realistic appreciation of their strengths and weaknesses and how they come across to others. When we have high levels of emotional intelligence, we’re able to build strong working relationships and manage difficult situations moreContinue reading “Using Emotional Intelligence to inspire our Word of the Year (MyJourney)”

Examine your Bias with PLAID & MyJourney

We utilized our MyJourney facilitators to assist the President, Panhellenic Delegate, and VP DEI to present Inclusive Practices: Recognizing Biases a program from OFSL and PLAID. The speaker and activities addressed and asked us to question: unconscious and affinity bias. The message was for sisters to understand how it affected even the most commonplace interactionsContinue reading “Examine your Bias with PLAID & MyJourney”

MyJourney – Living an Intentional Life

The groups warmed up with two sisters from each class sharing about their PASSION And then we explored: ARE WE LIVING INTENTIONAL LIVES? What does it mean to live an intentional life? How do you know if you’re living one? Or if you aren’t living one? Living an intentional life does not mean you areContinue reading “MyJourney – Living an Intentional Life”

MyJourney on Mentoring

Beta Eta’s March 28 Mentoring MyJourney was facilitated by VP Membership Programming Ayva, VP Intellectual Development Grace , our wonderful MyJourney facilitators, and advisor Jenny Sue! We discussed what it means to be a good mentor and objectives, went over The Heights Mentoring program and the Women & Wisdom Series, highlighted Beta Eta’s mentoring programContinue reading “MyJourney on Mentoring”

Allyship and Hera Day

Three Vice Presidents collaborated to bring us a conglomeration interweaving our MyJourney based on “How to be My Sister’s Ally” and Hera Day: VP Membership Programming, Ayva; VP Diversity Equity Inclusion, Alara and VP Ritual Fraternity Appreciation, Leanne. We heard such positive responses from sisters for the event and the two invited speakers who contributedContinue reading “Allyship and Hera Day”

MyJourney – What Makes a Great Leader

To prepare us for elections and choosing our 2021 leaders, our clever MyJourney facilitators (Cameron Rotbart, Jordan Blitzer, Jaiden Gurbuz, Tia Kearney, Stephanie Flegal, Natalie Alexander) chose a dynamic Leadership talk by Roselinde Torres to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month for our October MyJourney. The talk and session created the perfect segue for Natalie, asstContinue reading “MyJourney – What Makes a Great Leader”

MacDowell Month and MyJourney

We decided to focus our February #MyJourney on a total Alpha Chi Altruism:  #MacDowellMonth! Luckily, our local young alumna and Risk Management Co-Advisor, Gabi Shutt, Kappa Rho – UNCC, is so knowledgeable and passionate about the Fine Arts and all that is availble in Tallahassee. The groups broke up and talked about ways they couldContinue reading “MacDowell Month and MyJourney”

Sisterhood at Chapter

MyJourney* Beta Eta Style!A great time to learn from sisters and have “real talk” time!Thanks to all the facilitators for their preparation work. This weekend Beta Eta enjoyed so much sisterhood time:  The Big Event, MyJourney, MC18 sleepover, senior brunch:  Lucky sisters! Seniors – “Measuring Experiences”:  Cellina Danvers, facilitator Juniors – “Yes I Have anContinue reading “Sisterhood at Chapter”