MyJourney – What Makes a Great Leader

To prepare us for elections and choosing our 2021 leaders, our clever MyJourney facilitators (Cameron Rotbart, Jordan Blitzer, Jaiden Gurbuz, Tia Kearney, Stephanie Flegal, Natalie Alexander) chose a dynamic Leadership talk by Roselinde Torres to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month for our October MyJourney. The talk and session created the perfect segue for Natalie, asst vp nme, to speak in-depth with the new members about elections, platforms, speeches, due dates, etc. We were so proud to see our MC20 engaged in the process and excited to run for offices to guide the chapter’s future to continue Seeking the Heights!

This talk and these questions apply to Beta Eta and as we venture into our careers – we were glad to broaden our thinking
Repeating the questions from Roselinde Torres in the chat box (oops for the mistypes!)
LOVED this interaction and comfortable time with the New Member Education Committee and MC20, so they could jump into Alpha Chi Omega Leadership!

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