MC20 Connecting Mystagogues-Mystagees

Beta Eta gets life! from our connections with new members. We ensure the new members meet sisters and assimilate into the chapter with their many mystagogues, aka mentors. New members connect with study buddies, work-out/outdoor buddies, major buddies and five mystagogues over the semester: Alpha, Chi, Omega, Guardian, Hera and Big. Thank you Ayva, mystagogue coordinator, McKenzie, VP-NME, and the NME committee for all your hours of work (Lily, Natalie, Jazmin, Steph)!

Big-Little Virtual Reveal (fun photos came later): Alexa & Tatem; Leanne & Maya; Meredith & Lexi; Tessa & Sam; Alara &Piper)

We remind our new members and lifetime sisters “Every person is an important part of the [mystagogue] process, and the role you have been given is important for the development of the new member and the chapter as a whole. Take time to get to know the sister who was assigned to you and identify what ways this person can bring value to your relationship. The Symphony teaches us two very important lessons that apply to being a successful mystagogue: First, “to see and appreciate all that is noble in another.” Though you might not know the person assigned to you as well as you know other new members, this is a perfect opportunity for you to better understand the value this star brings to Alpha Chi Omega. Second, “to spread the light of love and friendship round me:” It is important your [mystagee] feels this element as an aspect of your relationship. Mystagogue-Mystagees (and ultimately a big and little sister team) create a mentorship bond with each other.”

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