Allyship and Hera Day

Three Vice Presidents collaborated to bring us a conglomeration interweaving our MyJourney based on “How to be My Sister’s Ally” and Hera Day: VP Membership Programming, Ayva; VP Diversity Equity Inclusion, Alara and VP Ritual Fraternity Appreciation, Leanne.

We heard such positive responses from sisters for the event and the two invited speakers who contributed to the insightful evening. We welcomed Lauryn Feacher a fellow FSU student from the Center for Leadership and Social Change, and Amaya Waymon, Rickards High School student and founder of Girl Flo.

“This is such an important topic.” Sophie Surowiec

“So intersting about the food pantry vs. feminine products. I never thought about it like that in high school and it’s so important.” Bailey Wagoner

“I love the guest speakers.” Sophie Breeze

The speakers covered an impressive spread of topics helping us learn and understand: Being an Ally for a friend with autism/a sister coming out to her family/ a cousin with a medical condition/Black Lives Matter Marches; Allyship; Being an Active Ally; Performative vs. Active Allyship; LGBTQIA Allyship and Period Poverty and discussing our focus for Hera Day (collecting tampons and pads to assist Amaya and her Girl Flo project!)

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