A Day in the Life at the 518

One of the greatest experiences of being a Beta Eta sister is the chance to live with 40 of your closest friends in the Alpha Chi house! Besides living with your best friends there are so many reasons why sisters love living in house! 

There are multiple study spots throughout the house which are perfect for your zoom calls & classes, studying with your friends, or a quiet spot to really focus alone. 

You are never more than a flight of steps away from the best food, and the 24/7 kitchenette. Can’t forget we have the best staff too!

You have the chance to live with your best friends or be just a few doors down from them!

It is truly the best way to get the most out of your sorority experience.

From bachelor nights on the brown couch to becoming friends with someone you never knew before there are so many wonderful opportunities that come from this special time of living in house!

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