Dance Marathon 2021

Dance Marathon at Florida State University was committed to providing a safe marathon experience for each of the participants. This year they hosted a hybrid marathon, where each of the participants experienced the marathon from the comfort of Alpha Chi Omega’s house and events on campus. Dance Marathon took place this weekend within two shifts. The first shift, the Garnet Experience, was 10 hours, beginning on March 5th at 10am and ending that evening at 9pm. The second shift, the Gold Tradition, was 20 hours, beginning on March 6th at 3pm and ending on March 7th at 1pm. The final Total Reveal was then hosted as a drive-in event in the Civic Center parking lot today, March 7th.

We are so thankful to our chapter delegate Emily Balog for leading our chapters involvement with Dance Marathon this year. We are so proud of our dancers: Stephanie Flegal, Alexa Strauch, Morgan Marisa, Abbie Melvin, Nina Chong, Addison Nance, Bianca Giordano, Meredith Grimm, Piper Hope, Elizabeth Hoffmark, Tessa Kowalski, Natasha Raja, Kylie Stamler, Ryleigh Taylor, Hannah Rosenblum, Maya Nadelek, Nicole Feldman, Leah Solomon, Elizabeth Simmons, Maya Bertig, Amelia Sieg, Haley Higbea and Kylie West

We are also so proud of our sisters involved with Dance Marathon overall: DM Morale Captains: Abby Bolger, Lori Purcell, Tyla Seelye and Collen Toner DM Recruitment: Blake Novak and Lauren Rosenblatt, DM Creative Development: Emma Romano, DM Hospitality: Samantha Puwalski, DM InspiratioNOLE: Marni Rosenblatt.

Overall the weekend was a huge success! The members were able to hear from Miracle Child Sage, member Emily Balog’s sister Ashley who defeated cancer, and Florida State University’s VP of Student Affairs and Alpha Chi Omega sister Dr. Amy Hecht who shared her daughters story with the chapter – we even got to Facetime with her daughters – who shared what they loved about Shands – “The toys”… During the event we were able to participate in the DM Experience Silent Disco, Ring the Gong for fundraising efforts, Watch the virtual kick off and closing ceremonies from the chapter house, participate in DM FoodTrucks and Car-chella and bond with our sisters while raising money for a great cause. The best part was watching the final total be revealed at the Civic Center – with cars honking and all dancers and volunteers safely celebrating from their cars – honking and screaming!

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