MyJourney – Living an Intentional Life

The groups warmed up with two sisters from each class sharing about their PASSION


What does it mean to live an intentional life? How do you know if you’re living one? Or if you aren’t living one? Living an intentional life does not mean you are living a perfect life; it means you are living your life with meaning and purpose. It means you are an active participant in your life, and you are engaged each and every day.

After our exploration, we spent a bit of time on these questions to put us in a positive mindset for the semester (and it was a clever way to take attendance!)
• What are two things on your bucket list?

• What is one thing you can do each day to get out of the daily grind?
An important point in facilitation is APPRECAITING those who participate and tonight we closed with: THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING and being present for your sisters and for your own growth! LITB

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