What makes us sisters? Our shared ritual, values and experiences. Our New Member Education committee (Lila, Bri, Alex, Lucy, Zoe, Amelia, Morgan) and Ritual and Fraternity Appreciation committee (Leanne, Alexa, Emma, Morgan, Sydnie, Lauren) really showed up this week and we are proud of them!

The NME committee planned Fireside, painting and songs on Sunday to get the “Ladder to the Lyre” started. The new members reflected in their last meeting with special “why I chose Alpha Chi” and “why I stayed” stories. And *surprise* for the NME committee meeting this week they made cookies for all 19 new members/initiates. So wholesome.

The RFA committee mades us feel the WDA with the Inspiration Ceremony on Sunday, Lavaliere Ceremony on Tuesday, Dream Cake on Wednesday culminating in Initation with all the big sisters on Thursday.

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