With Love & Loyalty – Spring 2023 Initiation

We never get tired of hearing, seeing, and experiencing our Ritual (but we do sort of get tired of moving furniture – gotta be honest, since that is an Alpha Chi value!)

What a special time to see our new members receive their Symphony, Lavaliere, and Dream Cake at the Inspiration, Lavaliere, and Dream Cake Ceremonies, respectively.

And then Initiation with the Ritual and Fraternity Appreciation Committee and New Member Education Committee – WE COULD NOT DO IT without such amazing officers!

We are reminded to “Seek the Heights” and that the “the deepest joy in life comes from giving of yourself.” Who could deny such important precepts of life? GO Alpha Chi!


Lara D, GNV; Hayley H, IA; Emily R, St. Pete; Natalie W, NJ and their Big Sisters Izzy S, Kacie P, Ava Grace, Meredith B

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