What’s Your ACTION Chi Connection

Our ritual tells us we should be active sisters and seek to enhance and be involved in our communities as well (FSU, Tallahassee, hometown, new towns when we graduate as alumnae, etc.). Our VP of Membership Programming Leah and Chi Connection Chair Kait wanted to showcase sisters and their passions to inspire and encourage more.Continue reading “What’s Your ACTION Chi Connection”

Examine your Bias with PLAID & MyJourney

We utilized our MyJourney facilitators to assist the President, Panhellenic Delegate, and VP DEI to present Inclusive Practices: Recognizing Biases a program from OFSL and PLAID. The speaker and activities addressed and asked us to question: unconscious and affinity bias. The message was for sisters to understand how it affected even the most commonplace interactionsContinue reading “Examine your Bias with PLAID & MyJourney”

Ritual: What Makes Us Sisters; Celebrating Founders’ Day

How special for us to welcome alumnae for Founders’ Day Dinner as we remembered and gave thanks for Bertha, Estelle, Amy, Nellie, Bessie, Olive, and Anna! Thanks for joining us Arlene, Gamma Chi chapter (and mother of Beta Eta Colleen) and Natasha, Kappa Chi (getting her PhD in Math from FSU!)

Livin’ Lovin’ Learnin’ with MC22

Lila, VP-NME; AlexM and BriM, Asst NP-NME; Lucy, Mystagogue Coordinator; Amelia, Scarlet Chair; Morgan Olive Chair; and ZoeM Creative Bid Day Chair were always spicing things up for the new members – they set the bar “to the heights”. Lila kept everyone task and ENERGIZED with her facilitation and guidance skills. They always started withContinue reading “Livin’ Lovin’ Learnin’ with MC22”

MyJourney – Living an Intentional Life

The groups warmed up with two sisters from each class sharing about their PASSION And then we explored: ARE WE LIVING INTENTIONAL LIVES? What does it mean to live an intentional life? How do you know if you’re living one? Or if you aren’t living one? Living an intentional life does not mean you areContinue reading “MyJourney – Living an Intentional Life”

Alpha Chi Kinda Guy Weekend Recap

With Spring 2020 Alpha Chi Kinda Guy weekend canceled do to the pandemic. The ladies of Alpha Chi Omega worked to capture both Real. Strong. Women Weekend and Alpha Chi Kinda Guy Weekend in Spring 2021 to ensure graduating seniors didn’t miss a year with the “Guys” in their lives The ladies of Alpha ChiContinue reading “Alpha Chi Kinda Guy Weekend Recap”

Senior Brunch & Banners

This week we are recognizing our 2021 Spring Seniors! The chapter’s VP Membership Programming Ayva, Senior Programing Chair, Haley & Membership Programming committee worked to decorate the dinning room and kick off the week with a Senior Brunch from BlueWater Cooking Company. The dinning room was decorated for the occasion & seniors picked up aContinue reading “Senior Brunch & Banners”

Sisterhood Night Out…

This week, the VP Membership Programming, Ayva & Sisterhood Retreat Chair, Addison planned an exciting sisterhood Night Out at local business: FunStation. Sisters could sign up to start outside or inside (to allow chapter to follow University Capacity Guidelines for COVID-19). After an hour of fun, sisters then switched locations. Inside sisters were able toContinue reading “Sisterhood Night Out…”

AXΩ Volunteers with local Refuge House

Recently, Sisters had the opportunity to volunteer at the local Refuge House. Refuge House is a local agency that supports survivors of Domestic and Sexual Assault. Refuge Houses’ mission is “to provide direct services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and to their children and families, as well as to eliminate such violenceContinue reading “AXΩ Volunteers with local Refuge House”