Alpha Chi Omega Leadership Academy 2013

This blog was written by Chelsea Hogan, our VP Ritual and Fraternity Appreciation.

Alpha Chi Omega Leadership Academy 2013 was easily one of the most enlightening and enjoyable experiences I have participated in since becoming an Alpha Chi. When I joined Alpha Chi Omega I thought to myself, “Wow, I have 175 new sisters!” Little did I realize I have well over 800 collegiate sisters. Throughout the duration of the conference I found sisters at other chapters who I can now continue to seek the heights with. This conference was more than just knowing and learning our ritual, it was about connecting with sisters and realizing that we may all not look the same or speak the same but we all share one thing: the bond.

I learned the importance of being a strong leader, contributing to our chapter as much as possible, and other worldly skills such as communicating with different generations. One of the most important lessons I learned while at Leadership Academy was that there is a difference between feeling important and feeling valued. I did not learn this from one of the speakers, but rather from a collegiate sister at the Arizona chapter.  Now each day I think of how I want to make others feel valued, as well as myself.

One of the most memorable moments when Melissa d’Arabian spoke at the opening ceremony. She talked to us about playing the game according to our strengths. Under all of her funny stories and jokes there was real meaning. Later that night Katelyn Trane and I had the pleasure of meeting our national president, Diana Blackwelder. She was so sweet and kind and genuinely excited to meet us and get to know us. Katelyn and I are so grateful we had the opportunity to attend Alpha Chi Omega Leadership Academy 2013. We took away so many fantastic ideas and cannot wait until we have the chance to implement them this year! Thanks again Alpha Chi, you once again have exceeded my expectations.

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