Campus Wide Risk Management

Campus Wide Risk Management with Speaker Lori Hart – January 16, 2013

Sororities and fraternities both have problems but don’t always know how to solve them in the correct ways. People outside Greek life have bad stereotypes for us: unintelligent, promiscuous, superficial, drunk, etc. We need to stop contradicting ourselves and make people see us differently. We have to be willing to change. The best way to change things is to have real conversations with each other instead of talking behind each others backs and calling each other to standards. We all must contribute by changing ourselves and helping change sisters for the better in some way.
Lori Hart, the speaker, did an amazing job of communicating with us. She got her points across about everything mentioned in the previous paragraph, but she also had the entire audience laughing the majority of time. She emphasized that as chapters we need to try and get to the root of each sister and make her love and appreciate the organization. Lori even made a shout out to the Alpha Chi sisters in the audience saying that she loves our motto of “Real. Strong. Women.” and feels we live up to it! Listening to everything Lori had to say was very beneficial and will help our chapter grow and improve.

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