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Alpha Chi Omega alumnae:

As formal recruitment for fall 2013 approaches, here is a brief review of Alpha Chi Omega’s legacy policy. We wish to provide you this information so that you are able to assist potential legacies as they enter into formal recruitment, as well as better understand the policies regarding legacies of Alpha Chi Omega.

Questions? Contact Jen Patterson, Associate Director-Recruitment, or Gina Fox, Assistant Director-Lifetime Engagement.

Our Policies

As outlined in the Polices of Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity, the legacy policy states:

R7 Legacy
A legacy to Alpha Chi Omega is a sister, daughter, granddaughter or great-granddaughter of a member. The Alpha Chi Omega member and her family member define their legacy relationship, i.e. step relations, blended families, etc. Alpha Chi Omega values the relationship between a legacy and an alumna member. Chapters are regularly educated regarding the national legacy policy. Additionally, alumnae members are encouraged to prepare legacies to meet the standards of membership set forth by the national organization and local chapter.

R7.1 Preferred Candidate for Membership
An undergraduate legacy who meets membership standards and eligibility requirements is considered a preferred candidate and:

[a] Is invited to the first invitational round of events during the formal recruitment process.
[b] Is invited to at least one recruitment event in an informal or continuous recruitment process.

R7.2 Placement on Final Bid List
A legacy who attends a formal recruitment preference event is placed on the first bid list by the collegiate chapter.

Membership Selection

While legacies are not guaranteed membership in an Alpha Chi Omega collegiate chapter, all collegiate chapters welcome the opportunity to meet Alpha Chi Omega legacies. It is our intent to educate both alumnae and collegians about the importance of inviting legacies to membership.

It is always difficult when a legacy gets released during recruitment, but as long as the chapter follows the national policy, the final decision of membership selection is the informed responsibility of the collegiate chapter. Recruitment can be a difficult and stressful process, particularly on large campuses—there are often as many legacies going through recruitment as the chapter will have spots in quota. While our legacy policies and our recruitment procedures are national level policies, membership selection is a chapter-level decision, which is truly made by the collegiate members at that time.

Long before it is time to submit any recommendations to a collegiate chapter, alumnae have the privilege and responsibility of helping to grow Alpha Chi Omega’s membership in the following ways:

Promoting Alpha Chi Omega as an active part of her life. Doing so will increase the name recognition and familiarity of Alpha Chi Omega to legacies and other potential new members prior to recruitment.
Increasing the strong reputation of Alpha Chi Omega by identifying and connecting with young women who would make valuable additions to our membership.
Educating legacies and other potential new members regarding Alpha Chi Omega’s standards and values, as well as privileges of membership.

Legacy Webinar

For more information on legacies going through formal recruitment, please join Jen Patterson, Associate Director-Recruitment, and Gina Fox, Assistant Director-Lifetime Engagement, on Tuesday, April 9, 2013, at 9:00 p.m. (EST) for the legacy webinar. This webinar will provide alumnae with information regarding legacies participating in the formal recruitment process. We will review Alpha Chi Omega policies, give attendees a deeper understanding of the recruitment process, and help prepare members who may have legacies going through recruitment this year or in the future. Register here for this webinar.

Membership Recommendation

When the time comes, it is the responsibility of alumnae to utilize the Membership Recommendation Form to make the chapter aware that a legacy or other potential member will be participating in recruitment. All alumnae are encouraged to complete this form for any relative or friend who will be participating in recruitment. To send a recommendation (the preferred way to notify a chapter of a legacy or friend), you will need to register and log into Then, simply click on “Recommend a Member” located on the homepage. This will take you to the Membership Recommendation Form and recruitment directory, which contains the recruitment contact information for all collegiate chapters.

Please be aware that Alpha Chi Omega has updated the Membership Recommendation Form for 2013. Be sure to use the updated form when writing recommendations for potential new members.  If you are writing one for Beta Eta chapter of Alpha Chi Omega.. be sure to mail to 518 West park Avenue Tallahassee FL 32301 Attention CRIC

We encourage you to share this message with other Alpha Chi Omega alumnae whose email addresses may not be in our database.

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