Senior Spotlight!

Senior Spotlight!

            Chelsea Corrigan

  Hometown:  Jacksonville, FL
Major: Actuarial Science
Accomplishments in college: Becoming a Rho Gamma was the most amazing experience I have had so far. Having the opportunity to get to know women in all of FSU’s chapters helped me to truly appreciate the value of being a Panhellenic woman, and it was amazing to be able to help PNM’s see that value and find their homes. 
 Favorite meal at AXO: Ravioli bar and any time there’s queso
Favorite memory at AXO: All of the big/little nights, movie nights at the house, and when my roommate, Lauren Wood, and I found out we went to preschool together!
Plans after graduation: I hope to be working in the Insurance Industry in either an underwriting or management position. I definitely want to stay in Florida.
Advice for underclassman: Volunteer, apply for internships, start making connections now! Don’t wait until junior/senior year to start thinking about plans after college. Have fun while you’re here, but remember what you’re here for!

            Annalise Corso

 Hometown:Orlando, FL
Major: Hospitality Management
 Accomplishments in college: Received my wedding planning license
Favorite meal at AXO: Grilled cheese and tomato soup (made from Ms. Ura)
Favorite memory at AXO: The new member retreat at my house when I was being initiated and the summer that my NMC really bonded (SumMeR lOvIn)!
Where you see yourself in 10 years: Living in another country, possibly Italy! And maybe even married.
Advice for underclassman: Manage your time wisely, I know that sounds cliché but it’s so true! Also, don’t ever let a man treat you with disrespect because you are all beautiful women and if a guy does not at least take you out on dates, forget him and on to the next one!

                        Lindsey Davidson

 Hometown:Naples, FL
Major: Finance with an minor in International Affairs
Accomplishments in college: Deans list every semester
Favorite meal at AXO: Salmon and rice
Favorite memory at AXO: I love all the date functions and socials especially Wacky Tacky. I loved white-water rafting on our sisterhood retreat in NC a couple years ago. Also, living in the house for two years. 
Plans after graduation: Currently a leasing professional at The Commons and plan to work there through the summer. I then plan on moving to DC by the end of the year to work at Vornado (a real estate company I interned with last summer)
Where you see yourself in 10 years: Working in real estate, probably be done with a Masters or MBA and live in or right outside a big city
 Advice for underclassman: Invest in a nice umbrella, rain boots, rain jacket, and warm jacket (Tallahassee weather is unpredictable!)

Kristen DeVos

Hometown:Atlanta, GA
Major: Accounting
Accomplishments in college: I have just accepted an internship for this coming summer. I will be interning with one of the Big 4 accounting first, PwC, in Atlantaa.      Favorite meal at AXO: Ravioli bar
Favorite memory at AXO: Just sitting on the couch on the weekends with my big, my littles, and the rest of the Margarita family and watching movies
Plans after graduation: I have just applied to the Masters of Accounting program at FSU and I am waiting to hear if I have been accepted!
Where you see yourself in 10 years: I see myself working and traveling around the world
 Advice for underclassman: Study hard, but also have fun! College goes by really fast so enjoy it!

Congratulations, ladies! We wish you the best of luck after graduation!

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