Keeping Up with AXO

We could not be prouder of our AXO sister, Sara Zeng, for winning the overall Top Talent award and  placing 4th runner-up overall in the Miss Maryland beauty pageant! 

She competed, winning the local title of  Miss Frostburg, which leads to Miss Maryland.

Every competition consists of 5 parts:  

  • interview
  • lifestyle/fitness (swimsuit)
  • evening gown
  • on-stage question
  • talent 


“All throughout the week my AXO sisters were sending me good luck texts and writing posts about how much they believed in me! They all gave me so much support and love and it gives me so much confidence to know that my friends truly believe in my talents and encourage me to be the best person that I can be!!”

      With her Top Overall Talent Award

“My favorite part of competition is definitely the talent portion in which I play the piano. Piano is my passion and I incorporate it into my personal service platform, Excellence in Education through Music.”

“Miss Maryland week was both really exciting and tiring. It was such a great learning experience and I was happy to place 4th runner-up overall and win a talent preliminary award and the overall top talent award!”

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