Where in the World is AXO?


@ Cape St. Vincent

Marisa Mallon and Allie Smith spent the summer abroad in Spain taking courses about food, society, business communication, and multinational business opporations.

One of the best days we had was when we went on a catamaran in Javea Spain. It was sponsored by FSU and we spent the day in the sun on the boat and then went cliff diving near the beach.

Another great thing was when we had a pot luck dinner with a group of other Panhellenic women. We went to the market and then we all made something and ate dinner out in the “riverbed,” a park in front of the study center.

It was so fun having Marisa with me! We were friends before but now I consider her one of my really close friends and an even closer sister. It was so nice having someone there that I knew I could rely on and have a good time with. She is one of the sweetest, most kindhearted people I have ever met. I had a blast with her!! 


My summer studying abroad in Valencia, Spain was an unforgettable, life changing experience. I took Financial Management of the Firm and Multinational Business Operations with amazing professors that ensured I enjoyed my experience not only in the classroom, but outside of the classroom on our numerous field trips.

It’s hard to pick just one favorite experience from my studying abroad trip… I woke up everyday and walked past a beautiful basillica, cathedral, riverbed, markets and so much more. I tried my best everyday to do as the Spaniards do… Including indulging in their daily “siesta” in the afternoon!

While I was abroad, I had the opportunity to travel to many places, including: Barcelona, Xativa, Javea, Prague, Lagos, Palma de Mallorca and Paris. Out of all of these places I travelled to, Prague was my favorite. Prague was absolutely beautiful with the traditional red roofs on each building, the St. Charles Bridge and the castle always somewhere sight.

The friends that I met on the study abroad program were what made the experience all the better. I opened myself up to new friends and adventures and I was lucky enough to have a sister by my side through it all. Being abroad and traveling with Allie was amazing because I had the opportunity to get to know her that much better! Allie and I were always together, whether we were studying at a cafe, shopping, exploring or going out on the town. I am so lucky to be able to share the memories of Europe with not only my great friend, but sister!!


@ Castell De Xativa

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