Why I’m an Alpha Chi

       ~Why I’m an Alpha Chi~

       I had no idea what Greek life was when I started at FSU. While in class for summer, I saw all of these girls all over campus with matching shirts and out and about in Tallahassee. The only images I had of Greek life were from “Legally Blonde” and “House Bunny.” I thought Greek life was only about finding a group of friends, so I decided to see what it was all about by signing up formal recruitment. Wow, was I wrong!  There was no way I could have predicted the impact that the decision to rush would have on my life. Not only has Alpha Chi Omega given me my best friends, it has given more opportunities than I ever thought possible.
       I fell in love with Alpha Chi Omega from the moment I walked into the house. I just had this unexplainable feeling of home. Talking to the women of the chapter during recruitment only further sold me on Alpha Chi. I never had the same conversation twice and everyone genuinely cared about getting to know me. I still remember every single person who talked to me during recruitment, and they are some of the people I look up to the most.
       It’s so difficult to pick just one reason why I love and continue to love Alpha Chi Omega every day. Being in a sorority means there is always someone to hang out with, borrow clothes from and talk to, but being an Alpha Chi is so much more than that. Never in my life have I seen women who are willing to do anything and everything for one another. I see every amazing quality of an Alpha Chi in my roommate and best friend, Suzanna. Whenever I am stressed with school or feeling down, she is always the first person to leave me a little note and a snack to cheer me up. She is the type of person who knows exactly what to do and say to make everyone feel better, no matter what the situation may be. She is only one example of the genuine, down to earth women that make up the chapter of Alpha Chi Omega.
       Why have I stayed in Alpha Chi? Because of all the women like Suzanna (#AXOCC 15-17) who make up our chapter.
-Beta Eta President 2014, Ashley Strawser (#AXOCC 15-16) 

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