Senior Spotlight: Janelle Johnston

Janelle Johnston is a current senior in Alpha Chi Omega!

“I’m a part of Seminole Productions, so I’ve had a lot of great opportunities with them. I’m a sports reporter for Seminole Sports Magazine, a show that airs on TV every Saturday on Fox Sun Sports! As a reporter I have to craft story pitches, coordinate and conduct interviews with athletes and coaches, and work with my editor/cameraman to ultimately produce the features. I’ve been apart of this for a while now so I’ve gotten to do pieces on numerous sports. I’ve gotten to interview people like Coach Mike Martin, Dalvin Cook, some Seminole football legends who have returned, etc.
“I just finished up a piece on a preview of the baseball season, and right now I’m working with the seniors of the men’s basketball team reflecting on their time here at FSU. They’re so much fun to work with and its never a dull moment with them. It’s cool to hear their favorite moments from their four years, how they’ve changed since freshman year, what it means to them to wear garnet and gold, etc. Turn on Fox Sun on any given Saturday morning and you’ll see me!”

Janelle is also a sports intern at WCTV, a campus connection correspondent for ESPNU, and last semester was a TA at FSU for a course called television interviewing and hosting. 

“And as for what I want to do ultimately… I’ve wanted to be a sports reporter my whole life. I used to bring my camera with me to my elementary school games and interview my teammates and shoot myself sidelining my own games. And it’s definitely what I intend on doing with my life!”

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