ROTC- Savannah Markell

Savannah Markell, a freshman, tells us on why she decided to become a part of ROTC at Florida State and how she received a three-year scholarship!

“I was inspired to join because I wanted to serve my country but not on the front line. I knew I wanted to be a nurse even going into high school but I had no idea that ultimately I would be doing my job through the US Army. Looking back, I would have laughed if someone told me I would be an army nurse but now I am so excited about my future. Being an ROTC Cadet is time consuming but doable, especially because all we do motivates you and encourages you to be a better person overall. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we have physical training, PT, from 06:30-07:30. PT is different every morning, some days we have track work outs some days we go on long runs. Tuesday, I have my military science class and it meets once a week. We talk about the army values, learn ranks, and basics that we will need to know.
“Wednesdays we have Lab that consists of planned lessons, the ms1s and 2s are led by the ms3s and 4s. I’m an ms1 and seniors are ms4s. We learn tactical hands on stuff in lab that we can’t learn in our individual classes. As you go up in MS classes, you gain leadership skills and are expected to show initiative and take care of the younger cadets and show them the ropes. I will graduate with a major in nursing and minor in military science because of the military classes I take over these four years.

“It is kind of crazy because I came in my first semester not sure if I wanted to go the army route but I showed up to all the PT’s went to class and started to succeed, I’m actually number one on the OML which is the list of all the MS1 cadets. We all compete against each other for contracts/ scholarships, and I recently received a three-year scholarship. It was very unexpected and I was elated to earn it because as a nursing cadet I compete with the nation of nurses and not for what my fellow FSU cadets are competing for.”

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