Adriana Diaz-Granados: Make a Wish Foundation! #FSUAXOSummer

Adriana Diaz-Granados is currently interning at the Make a Wish Foundation Wishing Palace!

“I am working under the ‘mission delivery’ sector which has to do with granting and coordinating the wishes. Our chapter specifically grants about 450 wishes a year, each wish takes about 8 months of planning and the average wish is 9,800 dollars so a lot of fundraising and development goes into it as well.
“We invite the kids to the palace and the entire inside is designed by the people who design Disney, so its very kid friendly and insanely awesome. We talk to the kids and bring them into ‘inspiration rooms’ and show them a bunch of different options of wishes they could have. The kids can either go somewhere (for example: Disney or Hawaii), meet someone (a celebrity, athlete), get the chance to be someone (policeman, football player), or have something (computer, car, puppy).Once they come up with their wish we put in all the work to make sure it gets done and that everything is super fun.”

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