Senior Spotlight – Kala Scott

Kala grew up in Jacksonville and will graduate Fall 2020 with a Master’s in Public Relations with a Minor in Spanish and Recreation, Tourism and Events. At Beta Eta she served as Freshman Intellectual Development chair, fundraising chair for three semesters, and co-technology chair for 2020 Recruitment. On campus she volunteered as Co-Director of PublicContinue reading “Senior Spotlight – Kala Scott”

McKayla Michaud #seniorSpotlight #WCW

Senior McKayla exemplifies all of AXO’s five values. The chapter will be so sad to see her graduate in April. At Beta Eta, she served as the first vice president of collegiate recruitment information, VP-CRI, for the chapter during the Fall 2016 Recruitment. She set the bar so high by leading with fairness, class, compassion,Continue reading “McKayla Michaud #seniorSpotlight #WCW”

Brittany Palmer- US Mission to the European Union

Brittany Palmer was selected to spend 10-12 weeks in Brussels, Belgium with the US mission to the European Union.  “I will work in the Embassy there in the Public Diplomacy section. My main tasks will be social media coverage, news media, and event planning for the US. I am excited mostly to work with ForeignContinue reading “Brittany Palmer- US Mission to the European Union”

Caitlyn O’Connell- intern with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Animal Therapy

Caitlyn O’Connell is currently interning with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Animal Therapy! “I visit patients at a variety of different places such as rehabilitation centers, pediatrics, the emergency room, and assisted living facilities with a volunteer and their trained therapy animal. The animals are supposed to help relieve stress, relax, and lower blood pressure in patients.Continue reading “Caitlyn O’Connell- intern with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Animal Therapy”

Alpha Chi Omega Cardinal Health Interns- Summer 2016!

Alex Dering, Marina Cole and Jackie Binder all interned at Cardinal Health this summer. Cardinal Health is #21 out of the top #500 Fortune companies that produces and distributes pharmaceutical and medical products.  Alex Dering (left), Marina Cole (center) and Jackie Binder (right). Alex is a Beta Eta and Jackie and Marina are Alpha Omicron initiates!

Megan Pettingill- Priority Home Inspections Intern

Megan Pettingill interned at Priority Home Inspections this summer!  “We inspect houses for insurance purposes and my specific job is to do the write up for each house by putting information into an excel sheet. This excel sheet is then developed into an easy-to-read document that is given to both the home buyer and theContinue reading “Megan Pettingill- Priority Home Inspections Intern”

Mackenzie Murray- Intern at Straight Up Films

Mackenzie Murray spent the summer interning at Straight Up Films, a film and television production company based in Los Angeles, California. “I interned at Straight up Films from the beginning of June until the end of July, and I absolutely loved it! I was responsible for doing script coverage and creating writers’ lists for theirContinue reading “Mackenzie Murray- Intern at Straight Up Films”

Amanda Corin- Intern at Radegen Sports Management

Amanda Corin just finished up an internship in New York City! This is the second summer she has spent interning in Manhattan.  This summer, I worked for a company this summer called Radegen Sports Management, and we did off-field contracting for athletes.  This means we did all of their endorsement contracts with companies such asContinue reading “Amanda Corin- Intern at Radegen Sports Management”

Carrie Hall- Intern for Trifecta Team PR

Carrie Hall is currently interning for Trifecta Team PR! “As an intern, I gather up a database that we will be using to inform the public about the events surrounding the college football championship game and the game itself that will be at Raymond James stadium here in Tampa, Florida. I’ll work this internship up untilContinue reading “Carrie Hall- Intern for Trifecta Team PR”

Laura Fincher- Shadowing Internship

Laura Fincher is currently working with Dr. Robert Marvin Royster, MD, at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital.  “Dr. Royster is an orthopedic surgeon, and I have had the amazing opportunity to shadow him this summer. I want to become a neonatologist, but this is a really great experience and exciting for me to get a feel forContinue reading “Laura Fincher- Shadowing Internship”