Carrie Hall- Intern for Trifecta Team PR

Carrie Hall is currently interning for Trifecta Team PR! “As an intern, I gather up a database that we will be using to inform the public about the events surrounding the college football championship game and the game itself that will be at Raymond James stadium here in Tampa, Florida. I’ll work this internship up untilContinue reading “Carrie Hall- Intern for Trifecta Team PR”

Alë Gonzales- Intern at TIF

Alë Gonzales is currently interning at The Immokalee Foundation (TIF), a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide better educational opportunities for the children of Immokalee, Florida.  “The organization has three sectors; their readers program which is centered around elementary school aged children, their Take Stock in Children sector which focuses on middle/high school success,Continue reading “Alë Gonzales- Intern at TIF”