Brittany Palmer- US Mission to the European Union

Brittany Palmer was selected to spend 10-12 weeks in Brussels, Belgium with the US mission to the European Union.  “I will work in the Embassy there in the Public Diplomacy section. My main tasks will be social media coverage, news media, and event planning for the US. I am excited mostly to work with ForeignContinue reading “Brittany Palmer- US Mission to the European Union”

Caitlyn O’Connell- intern with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Animal Therapy

Caitlyn O’Connell is currently interning with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Animal Therapy! “I visit patients at a variety of different places such as rehabilitation centers, pediatrics, the emergency room, and assisted living facilities with a volunteer and their trained therapy animal. The animals are supposed to help relieve stress, relax, and lower blood pressure in patients.Continue reading “Caitlyn O’Connell- intern with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Animal Therapy”

Dance Marathon at FSU 2017- Captains!

Congratulations to everyone who received a Captains position this past weekend for Dance Marathon 2017! Ale Gonzalez- Marathon Events Alexa Rodriguez- Morale Brittney Rangel- Morale Caroline Imiolek- Fundraising Colleen Chatfield- Morale Katie McCarthy- Operations Kayla Copley- External Events Maddie Thomas- Hospitality Madison Cappeller- Marketing  Molly Cappeller- Marathon Events Monica Shevock- Morale

Michelle Moore- SiriusXM Brand Ambassador

Michelle Moore is currently serving as a SiriusXM Brand Ambassador! She just recently helped launch a new campaign on the Florida State University campus, structured with specific marketing assignments and weekly objectives. “I have organized driving free SiriusXM trial signups and building awareness on campus through peer-to-peer conversations, events, social media posts, email campaigns, andContinue reading “Michelle Moore- SiriusXM Brand Ambassador”

Shannon Nichols- VP of the Student Academy of Audiology

Shannon Nichols is the Vice President of the Student Academy of Audiology, a club that encourages awareness about the field of audiology and offers opportunities to volunteer and gain experience.  “As VP, I will be assisting the President in organizing events such as free hearing screenings, our annual kickball tournament, and other fundraising events forContinue reading “Shannon Nichols- VP of the Student Academy of Audiology”