Shannon Nichols- VP of the Student Academy of Audiology

Shannon Nichols is the Vice President of the Student Academy of Audiology, a club that encourages awareness about the field of audiology and offers opportunities to volunteer and gain experience. 
“As VP, I will be assisting the President in organizing events such as free hearing screenings, our annual kickball tournament, and other fundraising events for our club. A huge event that I am excited to begin fundraising for is our spring trip to Guatemala, where we will treat hearing loss of locals and provide technology they need to communicate better. We will also be building homes, donating lots of supplies, and helping to put as many kids as we can afford through school. 
“I became VP because I’m extremely passionate about audiology, my future career field, due to personal experience with hearing loss. I understand the importance of communication for social, educational, and emotional wellbeing, so I really want to spread awareness about hearing loss prevention and treatment in order to help others. I want to leave a positive impact on the community and help build SAA to be the best it can be.”

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