Brittany Palmer- US Mission to the European Union

Brittany Palmer was selected to spend 10-12 weeks in Brussels, Belgium with the US mission to the European Union.  “I will work in the Embassy there in the Public Diplomacy section. My main tasks will be social media coverage, news media, and event planning for the US. I am excited mostly to work with ForeignContinue reading “Brittany Palmer- US Mission to the European Union”

Summer Spotlight

Alpha Chi sister, Sarah Balduzzi spent five weeks in Costa Rica!  During her first three weeks she was in a town call Tamarindo working at an adult surf camp with campers from all over the world. For the last two weeks she went backpacking around Costa Rica.  During those five weeks she spent her daysContinue reading “Summer Spotlight”

A Summer of fun Alpha Chi style!

      As the summer comes to a close and we try to make these last few weeks count, we look back on a great summer and wondering how it was able to slip by too quickly. This summer was filled with laughter, sunshine, adventure, memories, and most importantly filled with a common bondContinue reading “A Summer of fun Alpha Chi style!”

Summer Internships….

This summer our very own Julianna Corso, will be interning in Birstol, CT for ESPN. I’d like to think she is the next Erin Andrews or Jenn Brown. Only she will support the Seminoles (both Erin and Jenn graduated from the “other” Florida Institution, UF). Follow Julianna on her Blog here. It’s time to channelContinue reading “Summer Internships….”