Amanda Corin- Intern at Radegen Sports Management

Amanda Corin just finished up an internship in New York City! This is the second summer she has spent interning in Manhattan.  This summer, I worked for a company this summer called Radegen Sports Management, and we did off-field contracting for athletes.  This means we did all of their endorsement contracts with companies such asContinue reading “Amanda Corin- Intern at Radegen Sports Management”

Lauren Flannery- Intern at the Four Seasons

Lauren Flannery, our chapter President, is currently interning at the Four Seasons in Boston, Massachusetts. “I’m working in the Food & Beverage department, rotating between positions in the restaurant and in-room dining while also shadowing some managers (the way hotels hire out of college is through a manager in training program). It’s a pretty rigorousContinue reading “Lauren Flannery- Intern at the Four Seasons”