Lauren Flannery- Intern at the Four Seasons

Lauren Flannery, our chapter President, is currently interning at the Four Seasons in Boston, Massachusetts.

“I’m working in the Food & Beverage department, rotating between positions in the restaurant and in-room dining while also shadowing some managers (the way hotels hire out of college is through a manager in training program). It’s a pretty rigorous program, but a great company and some amazing people who make me look forward to going into work at weird hours and days! 

“My favorite part about it is that I’m never standing still or sitting down–there’s always something to do or learn. It also doesn’t hurt that Boston is such a great city with so many different cultures and traditions. Even though I didn’t know a single person coming into the city, I have made some incredible connections with the people at the Four Seasons who have really taken to looking out for me while I’m here.”

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