Kathryn Hatfield- Study Abroad Experience

Kat Hatfield just returned home from studying in Valencia, Spain for the past 6 weeks!
“Studying abroad in Valencia, Spain was the best six weeks of my life. I was able to check things off my bucket list everyday and share these experiences with new people whom I now consider life long friends. I was also lucky enough to have three other ΑΧΩ sisters studying abroad with me. 
Veronica Marcos, Melissa Demarchena, Anna Morris, and Kat in Valencia, Spain.
“By the end of the six week term, I had traveled to the Palma de Mallorca & Barcelona, Spain; Split & Hvar, Croatia; Amsterdam, Holland; and Lagos, Portugal. I learned that all the cliche things people say about how traveling changes ones’ perspective on life are true. I came back to the states with so much more knowledge about the world and a refreshed perspective about life.”

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