Kayla McNulty- Hospital Shadow

This summer, Kayla McNulty has been shadowing Dr. Goecker, Chief of Podiatry, at Sarasota Memorial Hospital!

“Every week the doctor and team of nurses work in the wound care unit of the hospital where patients come in with open wounds below the knee that the team of experts treat. I have learned so much so far because as the doctor is working on each patient, he explains to me the backstory and their treatment plan. I have seen everything from a small cut that need help closing to large open wounds that cover most of the leg. 

I have met so many people that have told me that if it wasn’t for Dr. Goecker and his treatment, they would be without a leg or toes. I plan on going into Nursing, so this internship has been a great experience for me to become even more passionate about the field and confident that this is the career for me.”

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