Ashley Riley- Intern at the Quattro Firm

Ashley Riley is currently interning at the Quattro Firm with founding partner Nicole Quattrocchi!

“The Quattro firm is very unique in that it is run entirely by women.  As an aspiring female lawyer, it is very encouraging and uplifting to work with strong women in a typically male-dominated field.  When I have attended consultations, I have learned the process of building a case from its outset and learned how to engage with clients and to relate to them on a personal level.

“Recently, I’ve been given the responsibility of doing legal research and drafts of legal documents such as Memorandums of law, official court orders, and official demand letters. I have also assisted in trial preparation, learning how to create formal trial folders consisting of all relevant legal documents including past pleadings, communication, and research done for the case, and how to prepare negotiation documents in order to advocate for your client. Aside from court cases, I have been able to write and draft wills and estate planning for clients, giving me first-hand experience with writing and formatting a legal document.”

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