Orientation Retreat – DVA & Self Worth Focus

We proved we could adpat by transforming our yearly September Sisterhood Retreat, aka Orientation Retreat, to a virtual Zoom session. Thanks Lily Stallings, MC17 Nursing, for coordinating our focus this year with collaboration from Refuge House, VP Risk Management Molly Reinking, VP Finance Megan Skipper, and VP Intellectual Development Sierra Morris. We focussed on four topics: local DVA Assistance with Michelle Frier at Refuge House; Cultivating Unconditional Self-Worth with Adia Gooden from TEDx DePaul University; Finance schedules and questions; and Studying/Career Resources to keep Beta Eta top in grades!

Michelle sharing how Refuge House continues to support survivors of domestic and sexual violence during COVID-19

Sisters “Zooming” in for Orientation Retreat – Fall 2020 style adaptations – THANK YOU REFUGE HOUSE for your work in Leon County and surrounding areas!
Adia Gooden at TEDx DePaul

Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 caused angst amongst our sisters and the VP Risk Management commitment this semester was mental and emotional support and help for our sisters. We watched this empowering and grace-filled TEDx Talk and then opened up to share how we were giving ourselves and others grace and how we were coping with the changes in our mental and physical health with our families and friends.


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