The Clothesline Project

information provided from dvam.vawnet The Clothesline Project is a visual display that bears witness to the violence against women and children. The Clothesline Project comprises T-shirts designed by survivors of abuse and those who have lost loved ones to it. The shirts are hung on a clothesline display to: Honor survivors and memorialize victims HelpContinue reading “The Clothesline Project”

Silent Witness

The Goal The Silent Witness National Initiative seeks to promote peace, healing and responsibility in adult relationships. The Initiative’s goal is to reach zero domestic murders by 2010 through successful community-based domestic violence reduction efforts. Download Flyer (PDF) How The Initiative Began In 1990, a group of women artists and writers, alarmed by the growingContinue reading “Silent Witness”

Empty Place at the Table

Following a cluster of domestic violence murders in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania in 1993, the community responded by holding a rally and march outside the courthouse. In an effort to continue the community involvement, education and commemoration, rally organizers and the Women’s Resource Center, Inc. worked together to create the Empty Place at the Table exhibit.Continue reading “Empty Place at the Table”

National Call for Unity…

To honor the tradition of the National Day of Unity, the Domestic Violence Awareness Project Advisory Group decided to organize a National Call for Unity. The idea was to provide advocates with an opportunity for a collective, shared experience that would not distract from their ongoing support of survivors, their daily work to end violence,Continue reading “National Call for Unity…”

Tornado Warning Review

VP Fraternity Relations Advisor recently posted an excellent book review on her blog. She began reading  Tornado Warning: A Memoir of Teen Dating Violence and its Effect on a Woman’s Life as soon as it came out earlier this year. The book is the true story of the author, Elin Waldal, how she came toContinue reading “Tornado Warning Review”

Purple Ribbon

Over the years, a number of sources have been credited with originating the use of purple ribbon as a unifying symbol of courage, survival, honor and dedication to ending domestic violence. Download Flyer (PDF) Although the exact history of the purple ribbon is difficult to pinpoint, aross the country, families and friends of victims haveContinue reading “Purple Ribbon”