Beta Eta Attends AXO Leadership Academy

(L to R) Paris Thie, Gaby Panneflek, Molly Reinking and Sarah Henriksen

Indianapolis bound! Just this past weekend, four of our executive members (Chapter President, VP Standards, VP Risk Management and VP Public Relations) attended the 3 day annual Leadership Academy workshop organized by Alpha Chi Omega headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The same four executive board members from almost every AXO chapter across the nation, including their advisors were in attendance; volunteers from headquarters were also present, who served as group facilitators and offered first-hand leadership advice to the newly elected officers.

The program was organized into several different events including: general leadership panels and renowned speakers, large group session meetings divided by officer position and breakout group sessions led by the facilitators. The information relayed in these events enlightened sisters on important topics like effective execution of officer duties, mental health as an individual and chapter, leading as a sister, communication skills and qualities of a great leader in a collegiate and future workplace environment.

According to our VP Public Relations officer, Sarah Henriksen, one of the many remarkable aspects of the trip was getting to discuss her individual chapter and position with officers from other AXO chapters who share the same leadership title. She said she enjoyed everyone comparing their roles in their chapters and lending advice/tips to grow together as an organization nationally, becoming stronger as a whole. Overall, Leadership Academy contributed to our executive members professional development, knowledge on a variety of useful topics and taught them how to give chapter members their own individual experience as “Real. Strong. Women.”

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